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  • Rafael Ben-Ari is an international independent content creator master photographer and filmmaker, specializing in photojournalism and travel photography. He is known for his war conflict images and travel photography from around the world. In 2019 he was named one of the top 10 Best Photographers in the world by Pouted Magazine.



Rafael offers one-on-one private  lessons and workshops for beginners or more experienced photographers who wish to improve their photography skills.


Professional photography

Rafael witness life in a special way and captures pictures to convey information by using the latest photography gear to bring you exclusive results for your next project.

Aerial View

Rafael see the world from above in a unique and rarely seen perspective by using the latest equipment to capture aerial photography and videography for your enterprise.

Why choose rafael?

Best Filming Equipment

Rafael uses professional Sony 4K camcorder to film you amazing video clips footage.

35 Years of Experience

35 Years of Experience Rafael passion for photography lead him to experience in almost all fields of photography. From Street to Landscape, Nature to Wildlife, Aerial to Underwater and from Photojournalism to Commercial photography.

Best Photography Equipment

Rafael uses professional Nikon cameras and lenses to capture you amazing imagery.