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Search and Rescue Unit of the Home Front Command search through a fallen building rubble for survivors

The Israeli emergency forces for chemical and biological warfare

Team surgeon prepares to work in operating room

Australian Police Officers in Brisbane Australia

Sikh men protest during Diwali festival in Auckland, New Zealand

Israeli Firman Fighting Bush Fire

Frightened residents in Sderot are suffering from shock after the latest Kassam rocket attack

First Syrian Refugees Settle in New Zealand

Chemical and Biological War

:Firefighter demonstrates how to put out a fire that broke out in the kitchen

Injured Israeli woman evacuated by Magen David Adom Ambulance Service

Firefighter looking at burnt building from wildfire

Chemical and Biological War

Police officer, ambulance and helicopter assist in helping an injured passenger after a car accident

Train Cars Derailed in South Israel

Storm damage - sink boat

Red cross recovery centre

Missing person body washes ashore

Street beggar begging for money in Tel Aviv Israel.

Israeli Medical team practicing a mass casualty scenario

Mother and daughter suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder after a rocket attack

Surgeon at work in operating room

Patient during rapid opioid detoxification treatment

SFPD officers patdown black american man in San Francisco

New York City Police Department policemen search for suspect in graveyard.

Silhouette of sad and poor elderly holocaust survivor home

Bedouin girl traditionally dressed with a burqas

Medical staff on duty in Barzilai medical center emergency department

Fijian woman boarding up her house during a Tropical Cyclone

Fathers grief

Protest Against TPPA in Central Auckland New Zealand

Search and Rescue Through Building Rubble after a Disaster

Large crowd of Palestinians mob carry flags of Palestine

Victim and property after a rare tornado ripped through Hobsonville in Auckland New Zealand

Israel Police Special Patrol Unit arresting Jewish orthodox men during protest

Sudanese refugees men play's Dominoes

Train collided with a minibus

Severe Tropical Cyclone in Fiji

Photojournalists photograph Moshe Katzav the 8 President of Israel convicted of rape.

Riot in Sderot Israel

Muslim family slaughter a lamb on Eid al-Adha Islamic Holiday - Feast of the Sacrifice

Thousands Protest Against TPPA in Central Auckland New Zealand